About the Owners


The Presnell Famiy

Opening in March 2011, Bubba’s gets it name from co-owner, Mark “Bubba” Presnell. He is a native of Yancey County and he attended Mountain Hertiage High School, graduating in 1988. It has been a dream of his for many years to open a restaurant in Burnsville that would “showcase” our youth in Yancey County. He worked for Sagebrush for 9 years before moving back to Burnsville. He is married to Tamara Presnell, principal at East Yancey Middle School and they have two daughters, Sarah and Hannah.


The Autrey Family

Although opening this restaurant began as Bubba’s dream, it would not have become a reality without longtime friend and business partner, Chris Autrey. He is a native of Yancey County and he attended Moutnain Hertiage High School, graduating in 1985. Chris and Bubba have known each other since childhood and have practically grown up together. Until opening the restaurant, Bubba also worked for Chris at Autrey Tree and Landscaping. Chris is married to Kristie, the Curriculum Specialist for Mitchell County and they have two sons, Jacob and Isaac.


The Howell Family

Craig Howell is also a lifelong friend and business partner in this endeavor. Craig is also a native of Yancey County and graduated from Mountain Heritage in 1989. Like Bubba, he played football and is an avid sports fan. Craig has worked in the restaurant business in many capacities, for more than 20 years. Craig is married to Kathryn Howell and has two children, Brooke and Trent.